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HELD JUNE 6, 2002






Audience Question #1:


Since the fecal coliform has been determined to be reintroduced by wildlife, has their environmental control agency OKD their system?


Answer by Dr. A.R. Rubin, N.C. State University:


Fecal bacteria are present in the gut of many organisms. Where natural systems are used to treat wastewater, disinfection of the final effluent is often required by the environmental control agency.


Audience Question #2:


Is it important to ensure that no industrial/commercial waste be sent to community systems?


Answer by Dr. A.R. Rubin:


Industrial and commercial wastewater can be treated effectively in a community system provided the input is considered in the design of the facility. There are many facilities in rural and urban fringe areas successfully treating the wastewater from shopping centers which contain food service establishments, markets, beauty shops, etc. The wastewater facility planner/designer knew that these facilities would be present and developed appropriate pretreatment controls to assure that the system could handle the input. Essentially there are two choices, design the field with capacity to accommodate the entire load or design pretreatment facilities to reduce concentrations to those that can be assimilated on site.